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Namaste Essentials: Savasana

Savasana is misunderstood. It seems so simple, yet many practitioners have trouble laying still. It feels as though you are not working, yet it is one of the most challenging postures to master. Below, Kate Potter explains why savasana is essential in your practice.

What does Savasana mean?

Savasana, literally means "posture of a corpse" which is the ultimate in non attachment. To give up the body so completely you pretend you are dead? Thats right.....give it up and see what happens!

Why is savasana important for my practice?

Savasana is important because it is the integration of the our entire practice. The "benefit" is registered, but one must relax to feel it. If we are not prepared to totally give up trying, we never understand the true merit of the practice. We give ourselves entirely to the earth and the sky. When we come back we are entirely refreshed and can see the world, and meet its force.

How long does savasana have to be? I can't lay still for more than 10 seconds!

Savasana is a pose which takes much practice. Although it may be difficult at first, you will learn to love it, and once you are good at it you may only need "10 seconds" to really get it.

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