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The Lotus Links series grew out of our efforts to share inspiring tidbits and useful information to help your yoga practice blossom. Find out what we’ve discovered for you in today’s edition.

Improve Your Postures

Forward folds are simple, right? Not necessarily! Read this article for some tips on how to safely deepen your forward folds.


While we're on the topic of self improvement...

Live an Amazing Life!

Who better to get tips on life from than the world's oldest yoga instructor? Tao Porchon-Lynch's inspiring journey is sure to add some perspective to your own.

By the way, never forget yoga instructors are here to teach...

Enhance Mindful Approach to Practice

Here are a few ways to please your instructor, or practice with some of their wisdom at home. (For starters, don't stop for a drink of water!) 

If you can't help but break a few of these recommendations...

Laugh About It!

Isn't this funny? Laughter Yoga is a relatively new trend that is thought to have lots of health benefits. Ommmm-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! No Joke: with all the feel-good endorphins we know are released when one laughs, this practice certainly couldn't hurt!

Clearing the air with a good laugh could lead to more advanced "Spring Cleaning..."

Just Be

Do you want to be happy? Then be happy! The power of positive thinking can move mountains. Whatever your goal is, you have to first See It to Be It!  

As Kate says, "expand... then continue to expand."

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