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TheLotus Linksseries grew out of our efforts to share inspiring tidbits and useful information to help your yoga practice blossom. Find out what we’ve discovered for you in today’s edition.

Can you believe August is right around the corner? Things tend to really heat up in this sultry month! If all of that heat leaves you feeling a little wilted, read on! We've got ways to perk you up, ease your mind and cool off!

Happy Dance!

What an incredible sense of elation, freedom, and simultaneous individuality and unity dancing can bring! One man has traveled the world to share his moves with other cultures, and learned many of their steps in return. We are so inspired by his journey, and reminded of the unity we feel with our Namaste Yoga community, knowing that in a very real sense, we are united in our practice, regardless of the miles and time zones between us!

We find our happy dance comes out when we hear about yoga enhancing other activities. Just like when we metRena Phillips,hereare still more people saying that cross training with yoga is an excellent way to maximize your fitness efforts!Hiking and yoga make a perfect pairas well, ever tried it? 

Happy Dances do not occur when the practice you love is not thriving! Trying to maintain a consistent home practice can be tricky sometimes, here area few things that can put a crimp in your chattarunga It also won't help if having the kids on summer vacation is making your day-to-day workload to cumbersome!Thismight help your kids stay cool while you burn some items off your to-do list.

UPlifting Self Care

For our expectant friends, maintaining a yoga practice safely is a concern that grows right along with your belly! With your doc's approval, you can continue your practice. Be very careful to listen to your body and never over extend, it is easy to do as the hormones of pregnancy allow muscles and tendons to stretch farther than normal!Hereare some poses that are great while journeying through your trimesters.

All of our caretakersneed to... well, take care!, Those who give so much of themselves and so often expect little in return must be reminded they can't give 100% if they are not at least that much themselves! That means staying stress free. Sometimes the little things are the most unnerving! Like when you're working out and the cord of your ear buds gets caught in your arm and tossed in a crazy place (or pulled entirely out of your ear or out of your MP3 player!)Here's a little gadget that promises to help prevent that, or if it scares you to take your iPhone to the pool or into a sweaty fitness session? Here's a way toLifeproof your phone!

Of course, there are always cold treats to help you feel refreshed! How aboutmaking your own sorbets? (YUM!!)

Keep your heart open and chest lifted! Practice Up Dog in the Dog Days, and rejoice in every glorious, golden, glowing moment.



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