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"I need a moment please!" If you have ever found yourself expressing this sentiment, our Meditation Moments Series is here to do exactly that. Whether you need a guided way to begin your day, to decompress after having experienced a stressful situation, or a gentle way to transition from waking to rest, allow us to assist with a moment of peaceful tranquility and inspiring thoughts to ponder. Namaste 


In this Meditation Moment we explore Strength.... so much more than our ability to lift, pull or push big things. As we hover above the earth in a simple plank pose, we can contemplate the strength it takes to attain and maintain the posture. It's about so much more than our arms, isn't it? The body must form a straight line, parallel to the ground. This takes spinal and abdominal strength. Our arms must be strong enough to hold the balance, our neck strong enough to hold the weight of the head in this continuous line. It's not always easy, which brings us to the inner strength.

You use the strength of your mind to maintain the plank. If you shake, you may choose to laugh, or you may intensify your focus. You can observe the shaking, but this does not affect your resolve to maintain the posture. This takes a different kind of strength: the ability to let go. Letting go of pain and discomfort, both physical and emotional, can be difficult. Viewing our weaknesses, observing them without judgment, learning to work with the abilities you have while improving and seeking assistance in areas you need to, takes strength.

Letting someone out of your life, letting something else in, asking for help, being aware of your limits... this is all strength. When we can observe the shake without being critical of it, we become strong. We call you to bring your hands into Dhyana Mudra, the fingers of the right hand underneath those of the left, thumbs touching very lightly, forming an oval. A sign of continuous strength, balance and focus. Rough edges made smooth, a calm control forming at your center. Observe the breath, and feel strong and balanced as you move through the rest of your day.


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