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Before and After Yoga

With consistent practice and commitment to bringing the discoveries found on the mat with you through your day, yoga can impact every facet of your life. Whether it's how you approach your work or general attitude in daily living, to how you eat or even what you wear, yoga can inspire makeovers that begin on the inside and radiate to our exteriors and beyond!

"Visiting family, March 2007 (had just discovered Namaste Yoga)

Amanda Richesdiscovered Namaste Yoga when she worked for the production company, Omnifilm, and part of her job was to answer fan mail for the show. She couldn’t believe the positive things that people were saying – she just had to try it for herself. When she first started she couldn’t even touch her toes, and she felt weak and awkward trying to do the postures. But with daily practice, things started to change. She was so inspired by the positive impact that yoga had had on her life, that she decided to complete yoga teacher training atPrana Yoga Teacher College. When they filmed the new Namaste Yoga “The Five Elements” show, she was honoured to be one of the instructors.

"Balancing on the rocks in Puerta Vallarta, May 2012"

“The idea of ‘before’ and ‘after’ yoga is actually quite interesting,” says Amanda, “There may be a ‘before’ yoga – I can say that I started practicing sometime in 2007, so anytime before that would be ‘before yoga’. But there is no after. Every day of my life is an after, and I am constantly changing. At the same time, I can point to so many particular things that yoga has inspired me to change in myself – I no longer smoke like a chimney, I have no desire to eat junk food, I walk with confidence, not to mention the more fundamental lessons of tolerance, mindfulness, and being comfortable in my own skin - and I haven’t even started talking about the physical transformation! There may be no discrete point where you can say ‘this is after yoga’, but there are certainly points along your journey when you turn around and are struck by progress you never believed possible. Take those moments to celebrate. And then look ahead once more, to the next ‘after’”. We look forward to hearing about your before and after stories on ourFacebook Wall,Twitter,Pinterest,Blogor by email at - we hope to hear from you!


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