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The Gift of Yoga

Our post today comes from beloved Namaste Yoga instructor,Lily Goncalves. We asked Lily to reflect on life before and after yoga. Keep reading to find out how finding yoga has helped Lily feel more connected with the world and revealed her true potential.

Living in the jungle in Koh Phangan, Thailand, with the majestic ocean glistening and the magical birds creating a symphony of sweet sounds; reminds me of the simplicity of living and being Here Now.  Reflecting on how my own journey with Yoga has been the fundamental key that opened the door to limitless peace, happiness and gratitude, I wished to share the gift of yoga with everyone.  With this strong desire to see all living beings find inner peace, balance and freedom my path eventually led me to startBlooming Lotus Yoga.

Before I had been introduced to Yoga and Meditation I had experienced myself, and the world with such curiosity, excitement and wonder.  With this also came sadness, disappointment, difficulties and challenges that at times left me in existential angst!  I was well-educated, intelligent, and gifted with optimism; yet I still experienced the ebbs and flows of life with all of the negative emotions, belief systems, and expectations attached.  It was only when I started practicing and embodying a yogic life of mindfulness and meditation that life all spontaneously fell in place. 

Finding Connectedness

I started to see the enormous health benefits and connections of the body, mind and emotions, and observe how the breath had a direct relationship to my state of mind, emotions, and my physical health.  I became so in tune with my inner nature, and saw it being affected and reflected by my outer nature. My relationship with myself became my relationship to others, and my relationship to Mother Earth. If I disrespected myself, other people, or Mother Earth, I could feel and experience our mutual pain; as I had come to understand that we are truly interconnected.

I soon began to realize that the mind ultimately created all of these stories that I perceived to be real, and the attachment to my emotions and expectations left me wallowing in my own pain and suffering. However, once I began to be established in the true sense of Self, I no longer fell to the trappings of the mind and ego and was able to witness and experience existence without any attachments or expectations. This is where I began to truly live — fully.

Inner Potential

The joy, peace of mind, and gratefulness that blossomed no longer came from a source outside myself, but from a never-ending inner abyss.  True understanding and wisdom unfolded, and an un-ending reverence and gratitude for all that is, for DIVINE GRACE emerged.  This is the gift of Yoga and Meditation that flows from the perennial source of all existence and comes into our lives to awaken us to our true potential.

Living in the Now and surrendering into the flow of Grace I am now blessed to facilitateyoga teacher training&yoga retreats in Thailand.  Understanding the importance of retreat away from the commotion of city life I now live a simple life in the pristine and tropical jungles of Thailand…immersed in the joy of purely Being.


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