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Last week, we explored life "before" yoga, this week we visit the idea of life "after" yoga.

Eyes closed, body still, muscles slack and sinking into the floor<
Earth still, breeze calm, mind like water flows to a gentle song
Relax away your cares this day
Eyes open, smile, Namaste

When thinking of a time after yoga, Savasana first comes to mind. Those first few moments after a dynamic flow when the body releases all tension to the earth and the mind is like a room of which the windows have been thrown open to allow the fresh, cool breeze of the breath to refresh it. It is this still, this peace, we intend to carry off the mat, so that it may carry us through our day in a positive manner.

But if we carry our mindset from Savasana with us off the mat, are we not carrying yoga off the mat? Yoga unites body and mind with breath. Our bodies move us through space, our minds navigate the direction in which we choose to flow. Our every breath ignites our purpose in life, renewing with every inhale, purifying with every exhale.

In every practice, our intentions are to strengthen the body, calm the mind and improve the quality of the breath. Quality of breath directly correlates to quality of life. A stronger body means improved physical capacity. A calm mind allows for clear thought. The goals of yoga are the goals of life!

Is there life after yoga? Would you want there to be?

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