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Our Lotus Links this month are a study of style in yoga and yoga style. What's your personal style, and does it reflect your yoga style? If you like striving to push beyond your former limits,hereare some thoughts on what exactly puts you in the category of Advanced Yogi. Perhaps you are more into yogic studies, do you thinkone bookcan encompass the history of yoga? There are some scholarly souls who are striving to accomplish it. If you are wondering what yoga style is YOUR yoga style, we founda quizto help you with that. We're guessingdisco yogamay not make this book... it may need a book all it's own.

We think yoga belongs everywhere and anywhere... a bar is no exception andwe are not the only ones who think so. You will probably want tobring your mat along, so you may need to upgrade, or add anew towelorbagto your accessories.

It would seem Reebok has yoga Stile... actually, Reebok has Tara Stiles developing their yoga style! She explains her concepthereand is looking for insight from fellow yogis. Well-known retailer of women's (under)wear, Victoria's Secret has dipped their... uh... toes in the waters of self-knowledge (they may have missed the part about loss of ego). Just the same even VS has made "Yoga Panties" available for the masses. This may be in part why some yogis have decided they should be allowed to practice in moreelemental attire. If we aren't wearing shirts in Downward Dog (yikes!) why would we be concerned with makeup? Maybe you don't need to be, at least,not on Mondays.

If all of this has been a shock to your senses, tune back into your inner voice witha little music healing. The free app features soothing musical pieces paired with high resolution imagery and a sleep timer. Ahhh....


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