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10 Ways Yoga Changes Food

1. Finding Full Faster

As your practice makes you more aware of your body and it's positioning and sensations, you become more observant of how you feel after a meal or snack. Being awareof when you feel satiated sooner means you may push your plate away a little quicker and not snack so much.

2. Oooh... What Am I Eating?

Did you just grab a doughnut off the snack counter? How many times have you done that in your life, and why? Do you really want it? Perhaps what you are really looking for is an energy boost, stress buster or boredom fighter.You see it, then you look for better ways to get it. Knowing you just suffered an energy crash after eating that sugar bomb your friend was so kind to share may make you less likely to be so compliant the next time a sweet "treat" is bestowed upon you.

3. Slow-Lane Grocery Getting

What am I eating, anyway? Your appreciation for your body, mind and spirit is enhanced, and you want to keep expanding on that trend! It is natural to pay attention to the food you use to fuel your furnace.Reading labels at the grocery storehelps inform your food choices. The rule of thumb for healthier eating is to shop the outside aisles of the store: you'll find the most elemental foods there, and the more refined, processed foods are located in the interior aisles.

4. Fast Food Exchange

As your home diet gets cleaner and greener, your taste for restaurant foods may begin to disappear. Sure, the convenience is great (nice to get a break from cooking, isn't it?) but if you feel sluggish and lethargic after (or end up bolting for the bathroom because you're not used to that much fat anymore!) you may start searching forrestaurants with menu items that cater to your Less Refined preferences.

5. Your Thumb is Turning Green

Yoga reminds us of our need to feel connected to the earth. What better way to get connected than to garden? The idea of beautiful rows of lush green leafies and ripe produce just outside your door becomes increasingly more appealing. Growing your own food means fewer runs to the grocery store (reducing carbon footprint) and more control over how your food is produced (you know EXACTLY how you managed insects and fertilized your plants!). You can even start agarden indoorsin the fall and winter months.

6. Tales of Kale... and Quinoa?

What are thesestrange substances, and what do you do with them? You may just decide to experiment... and find a new food or two to love! There are so many wonderful foods from around the globe to discover, a very fun part of your yoga journey may become finding new foods to sustain you.

7. My Famous Granola? Could Be Better.

Uh-oh. You just realized one of those mainstay recipes of yours isn't nearly as healthy as you thought? With your expanding knowledge of food, you may think ofa great way to tweak itby swapping something to up the nutritional and taste value! If that won't work, a new food you try may become a healthier replacement for your former staple.

8. Popcorn at the Movies

Sounds good, or does it? You might decide to trade your potato chips for carrots or soda for herbal tea. Perhaps you don't even need that snack, oryour body deserves an upgrade.

9. Fluid Intentions

You wake up and realize you're thirsty (amazing to realize you are not actually all that hungry, liquid is usually your first need). What sounds morerefreshing, pure and simple than water? Lemon and water in the morning is a wonderful way to refresh and give your system a mini-cleanse. Enjoy cold or hot!  

10. Respect Yourself... Dump the Junk!

In sum, yoga helps you develop an appreciation for the strength and efficiency of your body and mind, and often calls you to do everything you can to further your healthy intentions. When you have respect for your life, and life in general, you realizeyour food choices have a large impact on how you function as an individual, and member of the world community. Savor the flavors and treat your body to cleaner living!



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