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In this Meditation Moment, we explore the idea of nourishment. What makes you feel nourished and whole?

There are many ways to find nourishment. The food you eat, information you feed your brain, motions you guide your body through, moments and daily rituals you have in an effort to stay healthy and well tended are all ways to nourish yourself. As a yoga practice begins to deepen and expand into the other aspects of your life, you often find that the most beneficial ways to nourish are found in the most basic things.

It is not the complex, bubbling drink that best hydrates the body, but clear, pure water.

It is not the gourmet meal, dripping with oils and fancy glazes, that is the most energizing, but the bright, colorful plateful of vegetables we found at the farmer's market or in our own garden, and prepared lovingly in our own kitchen.

It is not the beautiful new outfit that comforts, but the old sweatshirt, soft from years of wear.

It is not the extravagant gift that makes us feel most loved, but a generous hug or kind word from a priceless soul.

The things that open the mind, comfort the body and soothe the spirit are the most nourishing by far. We often find they are not the things that complicate our lives, but the things that bring us back to our most simple, simply refined, state.



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