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Inspiration is everywhere. We encourage you to explore your corner of the world and share the things that inspire you. Let's weave a motivational tapestry of words and pictures. 

Opening the doors and windows of the mind and heart is an act that requires love and trust. It takes an abandonment of fear and ego. When you are truly open, you become available to grow in ways never before imagined.

Think of theGate Opening Sequence. That moment inGate Posewhen you move your arm through a smooth circle, and with the movement the chest lifts, spine aligns and you sense the lengthening and strengthening of your core. The legs are grounded securely, yet there is an open vulnerability to the pose. Set your intention in this moment: Strong and Open.

Open your chest and arms and eyes and heart... You are available for all the wondrous gifts life has in store for you. To be inspired by everyday objects and events – whether it is standing in awe of a mountain, lake or ocean or hearing of a friend who has taken a bold step in their life or two strangers exchanging pleasantries– you must first be open to seeing them. When you practice yoga,  do you feel this openness? Do you find inspiration all around you?



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