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Kate Potter Inspires in Her Interview on Dristhti Point Radio

Being an impetus for change and self-awareness in others seems an ability embedded in Kate Potter on a cellular level. She finds innovative ways to use her practice to heal and bring comfort to herself and her students. It is with this central intention that she is beginning the next chapter in her yoga journey: New Pathways Yoga Therapy.

Madhuri Phillips, internationally known yoga teacher, certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist CAS and Pancha Karma Specialist PKS, interviewed Kate recently onDrishti Point Yoga Radio. Kate described her yoga history and teachings gathered as a student in India at the University of Mysore. She met Swami Chinmayanda in an intensive two-week workshop.

"The thing in India people often don't realize is that yoga is a philosophy, a study and a life practice, but it doesn't always entail postures." Kate went on to explain that there was no physical practice included in this training, and she missed very much. "Swami Chinmayanda was against Hatha Yoga postures, because he thought that would increase the identification with the body," Kate recalls. "He predicted what would happen in the West, this incredible over-identification with the ego through Hatha Yoga. It is difficult, because students really do want a physical practice."


Kate explained that in her style of yoga, the student must put their goals aside, and bring a curiosity to their practice that doesn't have to do with achieving an end result. The physical piece is important, but the goal is to bring comfort to the body. Her idea is to teach people to seek a happiness that is less about the ego and finding satisfaction in more altruistic ideals than a constant pursuit of physical perfection.

"In the end, I do think the physical piece is very important," Kate explained.

To listen to the full interview,click here.

In addition to New Pathways, Kate is teaching 2PM Sunday yoga classes at Denman Fitness, DFC. She will speak at the Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga, slated for October 20-21 in Montreal. She also has upcoming retreats inWakefield and Vancouver.



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