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In this Meditation Moment, we explore the sounds of life. How do you sift through the sounds and release the ones that do not serve your purpose? Share your ideas in the comments here or on our Facebook wall.

Our ears hear so many things. The noises of life - be they in our homes, our places of work, in our towns, in nature, even in our heads - fill us with emotion. There are beautiful noises and words that inspire and fill us with happiness, hope and gratitude. There are also noises that cause us pain and move us to close our hearts and minds to their music.

In these moments, it is important to remember that painful sounds, be they words or noises, internal or external; are truly just sounds. The pain they can inflict only occurs because we allow it to. We choose to feel those emotions. It is natural and healthy to be affected by sounds; but it is critical to our wholeness and well being that we do not let the painful sounds drown out the sounds we find inspiring and beautiful. They are all present in our lives to provide balance and teach us to observe from a place of no ego.

 As you move through your day, observe all of the sounds you hear, the pleasant sounds and the painful sounds. Try to appreciate their quality and tone, and then let go of the sounds that do not serve your purpose. No matter the source, they are truly just sounds. Their presence and space in time is fleeting if you allow it to be. Don't let the sounds that could hold you back fill space in your life that should be occupied by sounds that move and inspire you.



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