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Once upon a time, a DVD was a fun, novel gift to receive. These days, it seems like there is at least one DVD is unwrapped at every holiday celebration. Half the time, everyone knows what it is before the paper ever comes off. The only revelation is the title.

Who wants to be the boring gift-giver?

Namaste Yoga Stocking Stuffer

With a little creativity, you can have a lot of fun making a predictable gift completely unpredictable! It only takes as much effort as you would like to put forth, and all who witness the unwrapping process will enjoy the results. Here are 10 Fun Ways to Wrap a DVD, be sure to keep our list going in the comments here or on ourFacebook Wall

1. The Classic: Box within a Box

Wrap as many boxes as you can get your hands on (or have gift wrap available for) and place one inside the other, with the final, smallest box containing the DVD. Make them work for that DVD!

2. Picture It

Add some sentiment to your gift with some extra visuals. There are several ways to do this: You can place the DVD jacket inside the picture frame, wrap the picture, and then present the DVD after opening. Alternatively, frame an image connected to the DVD content (or that illustrates why you are giving the DVD in the first place) and place on top of the DVD in a shirt box.

3. Sticky Business

Simple, roll it up in the center of a yoga mat! You can find very simple mats at most major department stores, and a wide variety online. For an exquisite assortment, check outManduka

4. Ornamental

Run a long string along the spine of the DVD case and close it. Tie the ends to make a loop. Leaving the loop exposed, wrap the DVD and hang on the Christmas tree or in the center of a wreath decorated withyoga-inspired trinkets.

5. Tissue Paper

You will need the rectangle shaped tissue box to complete this presentation. Slip the DVD inside the tissue box (it will fit on a diagonal). Then, cut as many tissue-sized pieces of paper (or just use tissues!) to place on top of the DVD in the box. If creating your own tissues, you will want to tape them together, accordian-style, so they are as one is pulled out, another comes out behind the first. You can write messages on each of the tissues (or just a few) that allude to the gift inside or why you chose it for the recipient. Then, wrap the box as you would any other gift!

6. Building Blocks

Another simple way to stick with the theme is to wedge the DVD between two yoga blocks. We foundthese interesting grip blocksonline that might be a useful alternative to solid blocks in some instances.

7. Fashionable Folds

Tuck the DVD within the folds of anactive scarf, newyoga-inspired active wearor even asavasana blanketto really enhance a home practice!

8. Book It!

Stack the DVD on top of aclassic yoga textand enhance the yogic learning path.

9. Stocking Stuffer

What's more festive than a stocking? Build the base of your stocking with fruits and other healthy snacks, and surround the DVD withcandles,essential oilsand other calm-inducing extras.

10. Push Play

Don't wrap the DVD, wrap the remote! Have the DVD all cued up in the player, so when your recipient opens the box with the remote control and pushes "Play," they get an instant sample of their Namaste Yoga experience. 

Are you aglow with creativity? Don't forget to share your inspirations in the comments below.


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