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“Just as you would not neglect seeds that you planted with the hope that they will bear vegetables and fruits and flowers, so you must attend to andnourishthe garden of your becoming.” ~ Jean Houston

Ourambitionsin life so often revolve around external things: replacing the worn-out vehicle we drive with something newer or more reliable; the latest piece of technology; a better place to live. These things are attainable, but when we get them, we quickly grow dissatisfied. These are not the gifts we truly need, only things that soon become sources of new frustration.Yoga Journey Steps and Candles

Ultimately, the greatest ambition is to take a journey of self-discovery. To cast aside the uncertainty of what you may find, and embrace the idea that what lies within is worth finding, nurturing, and growing. This is a truegiftto give not only to the self, but to those whose paths we affect over the course of our lives.

Recognition of the gifts that lie within takes time, patience, and acceptance. What we are looking for is not perfection, but awareness. These are keys to self-discovery. Yoga is a key to unlocking these things. You must first make the time. You must then be patient with yourself as you become aware of how your body finds each posture. You must accept that you will not control breath or balance all of the time. Then you will gain full awareness of each moment and every nuance of yourself in that moment.

Now is the time to give yourself this gift! It is never too soon, never too late. Don’t wait for the kids to get older, for life to slow down, because it doesn’t! Yoga is a journey anyone can take. If the journey seems difficult, simply take smaller steps. Remember, there is no finish, no goal. There is only a path along which you will find things to explore with your senses and learn from with your intellect.

Each one of us deserves the opportunity to find the gifts contained within ourselves. We benefit from those moments when we attain more balance in a posture we once thought impossible. We learn from each wobble. We gain confidence with awareness of the position of our backs and shoulders. We gain composure with even and fluid breath.

Yoga is your moment. Yoga is giving. Yoga is you. Will you give yourself yoga today? 


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