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Namaste Yoga: Leaving Your Comfort Zone


    a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint: room for four people to travel in comfort
    • (comforts) things that contribute to physical ease and well-being: the low upholstered chair was one of the room's few comforts.
• prosperity and the pleasant lifestyle secured by it: my father left us enough to live in comfort.

What happens when you get comfortable? When you are at physical ease and free from pain or constraint, what do you want to do? More precisely, what do you not want to do?

If your response is "move," you have a lot of company.

What motivates you to move when you are comfortable? When something is easy, when you are in a peaceful state, why would you want to shift and riskmaking things harderon yourself? It would seem an illogical choice, to create discomfort when you are in a good place, but there is a very sound reason for shaking things up when you are settled and still.

You will encourage growth.

Growthbenefits everyone, at every position and stage of life. Seeking growth inspires us to gain strength and a broader range of abilities. The growth process creates opportunities to gain knowledge. Having attained growth allows for an altered perspective, and the formation of new ideas and goals.

When you enrich your being with the process of growth, everything you touch flourishes from your renewed energy. You will radiate more confidence and inspire others to keep expanding. Growing your yoga practice will influence your life off the mat, just as personal growth off the mat can have a positive impact on your time spent in yoga.

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