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Namaste Yoga: Comfort is not Growth.
Often create opportunities for growth, so long as we learn to look beyond the problem the obstacle presents and not get stuck in a negative reaction to the issue. When there is no obstacle, when everything is going smoothly, how do we still find ways to grow and expand? There actually is an obstacle present in this moment. Getting too comfortable with yourself becomes the greatest inhibitor of your success in continued growth and learning.

Comfort is Not Perfection

Being able to easily navigate through your yoga practice does not mean there is no room left for improvement! When you become totally focused on every nuance of your flow, you will see the tiny fissures in your process. Perhaps in compensating for a difficult posture, you forget to breathe. Maybe in order to sustain your breath, you don't go as deeply into a Warrior Pose as your body is truly capable of. What if you've stopped trying to go deeper, now that you can execute the poses? You might even let your mind wander wherever it chooses, because you are so used to your sequences you feel as though you can do them in your sleep.

There are always ways to improve your practice.

Often, compensatory measures taken on the mat carry over to life off the mat. When life gets difficult, we forget to breathe. When we are sufficient in our work, we do not attempt to delve deeper and continue to improve. When we feel bored, we allow the mind to tarry along in idle thoughts. These are cues to inform our conscience that measures should be taken to encourage growth and move through any stagnation experienced in the mind or body.

Encouraging Growth

There are many ways to encourage growth in both the mind and body. As you tune into your yoga practice, notice the areas that can use more focused attention. With this information in hand, you can explore ways to strengthen this element of yourself. Here are a few suggestions to assist your growth process.

To encourage greater attention to breath

To encourage more precise execution of poses

  • Research it
  • Practice with a mirror or a friend
  • Find additional activities to continue building muscle strength

To encourage greater focus in the mind

  • Meditate
  • Choose a mantra
  • Add a water feature, candle or other natural focal point to yourspace

Pay attention to your practice. The next step in your journey is certain to reveal itself.



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