$10 yoga DVD sale

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Time to move your yoga mat for #namasteNewViews 

Namaste offers a complete yoga practice for those who want to become fitter, live healthier, and be happier. With Namaste, you can experience what yoga at home should feel like: stunning visuals, soothing music and entirely original movement sequences to calm the mind, strengthen the body and inspire the soul. It has been our mission to bring beautiful, inspiring yoga into every home in the world!
The thing is... some people want to do yoga outside.

Some want to practice in their hotel rooms, or when they are out of town, or at the beach... and hauling a portable DVD player or laptop around isn't the greatest option.
A digital download, however... that's a practice changer!
We declared digital downloads our 2013 challenge pose, set our intention met up with some obstacles along the way but managed to keep our romantic perspective, took some time to renew and refocus our purpose, maintained our discipline and eye on the goal... and now we are pleased to announce we are growing the availability of the series.

Namaste Yoga: Now Available on iTunes
That’s right, your eyes do not deceive you!!!  All 26 episodes from Season One and Season Two are now available for download on iTunes (US | Canada).  It gets even better: for a limited time only and in order to celebrate having attained this exciting 'challenge pose,' we'd like to give our US viewers the ability to download two of the sequences (Exalted Warrior, Sunbird) absolutely free!

We think the timing is perfect. The weather is beautiful, why stay inside? When we asked our Facebook community where they wanted to do Namaste Yoga, Jesseca K. said, "anywhere but my living room with the kids running around like maniacs and toys on the floor!" We do not blame you a bit, Jesseca! We hope you are among the first to post your #namasteNewViews.
Downloads not only mean you can take your practice with you, but you can also pair sequences a little easier, and that is what we are doing too! All summer long, we will be sharing with you our favorite matched sequences (some suggested by you!) and what new views we are able to explore. We want to see your #namasteNewViews too! Are you with us? Our fellow travellers might just net some extra surprises along the way.



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