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#NamasteNewViews: Where Will You Practice?

#NamasteNewViews We're excited to share that our challenge pose for 2013 has been accomplished and Namaste Yoga is now available on iTunes Canada and the US! As always, our community has been supportive and encouraging, and we are thankful for your messages and positive energy, it has surely kept us motivated and focused on our goal. As a token of our appreciation, you will find the Exalted Warrior and Sunbird Sequences are available as free downloads for a limited time. As it is with any new pose, it is time to explore all we can do with this new ability!

This calls for a new journey

Taking your practice out of its usual locale and placing it in a new setting can cause your entire approach to change. A posture that once felt stagnant comes to life when the skin is caressed by a breeze. Where vision was once limited by a ceiling, it can be extended to the sky. As balance was once certain and predictable on a domicile floor, it is now challenged by a sandy beach or the uneven ground in a forest. Attention to breath becomes more pronounced as the scent of a flower in bloom or a storm approaching is detected in the air.

Our summer adventure, #namasteNewViews, is a journey of location exploration. Are you ready? We're leaving our living rooms, taking our yoga mats and practices to new places, and sharing our thoughts and experiences along the way. Take a picture of your new view and post it to our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram pages with the hashtag #namasteNewViews. We look forward to seeing where you take us! We'll be choosing a post at random each week and gifting its contributor a Namaste Yoga mat to further enhance their experience.

While you are exploring your new views, we will be too! Digital downloads will make it easier to flow from one sequence, right into the next. Have you ever felt like 22 minutes just wasn't enough? Us too! This summer, we will be pairing the sequences in thoughtful ways, and trying them out in our new locations. We'll share some of our views on Instagram, and Heather Gregory will contribute her views and experiences with our pairings as we go. If you have a great Namaste Yoga duo, feel free to suggest it in the comments here, on Facebook or Twitter. We'd love to try it out!



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