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#namasteNewViews Confident Sunbirds at Sundown

Have you ever had one of those days when it seems it is Chaos that shakes you conscious in the morning and chases you through your entire day? Do you get to the end and wonder, 'where did my yoga go?' Perhaps then you realize... the day isn't exactly over, yet.

It is certain that days like these can only be improved by some time in yoga! Now that your Namaste Yoga practice has become more portable, you really can create a mini-getaway, virtually anywhere. It doesn't take a lot of planning in order to put Chaos to bed someplace far away from you (for a little while at least).

Youngsters currently enjoying summer can be an added obstacle to approaching your practice. Take them outside with you with a fun activity of their own to enjoy. One idea is to pre-measure ingredients and let them make their own homemade bubble solution to then play with while you practice. There are some great recipes for this and the one from Exploratorium is great! The added possibility of bubbles gently floating by as you practice makes this a relaxing activity for everyone.

Combining the sequences that have been available for free download, Exalted Warrior and Sunbird, for an evening practice is a wonderful way to wind down. If you are accustomed to a morning practice, it is interesting to note how much more supple and flexible the body feels when practicing at the end of the day. This really heightens the confidence-building power of Exalted Warrior, not to mention moments of lifting into the Exalted Warrior pose and seeing nothing but clouds overhead, as though you could reach to infinity in that one moment.

#namasteNewViews where will you take your practice?Having the sequence available for mobile devices makes it even easier to combine sequences. Complete the warm up and main sequence of Exalted Warrior, then open Sunbird and advance the sequence to about 5:15 so you can move quickly into the main sequence and Savasana of Sunbird. As you take a moment to do this, you might notice you have a new guest that joins you on your mat... how often do ladybugs practice with you in your living room? A lovely reminder to be mindful of the little things in life and yoga, as they can truly hold rewards far greater than their diminutive scale.

If you are practicing the Sunbird sequence at night, definitely try to face that beautiful setting sun! Hero pose actually seems a little more comfortable outside. The Third Eye breath body link feels more complete as you have a natural visual aid to help you feel connected to that obscure place of energy that floats around the top of your head. If moving through Exalted Warrior has restored a touch of confidence after a draining day, lifting into One-Legged Down Dog is certain to remind you of your strength to rise above Chaos and hold fast to focus and clarity. Isn't it amazing how simply rewarding yourself with nature and yoga can feel so decadent?




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Heather Gregory is an avid Namaste yogini and has been practicing the sequences daily for nearly four years. Her favourite part of Namaste is the opportunity it affords to find her calm, collected center and carry that forward through each day. We enlisted Heather to share her #NamasteNewViews as she explores the practice with our iTunes downloads, and blog about her experiences. You can contact her at heather@namaste.tv