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Pitta Season: a Preview

Namaste Yoga highlights the Pitta season

The sun is just beginning to shine with greater radiance and steadiness. The rain and mud of spring will soon dry into a more summer-like state. The Kapha season is winding down, and the season of Pitta will soon be upon us. Driven by the sun, Pitta energy is noted to be sharp, bright, hot and penetrating. Ayurveda considers this to be a time of dehydration, as intense heat evaporates moisture from all things.

With these environmental conditions, it is understandable that this is the season when tempers are more likely to flare! Our patience is challenged, and intensity is heightened. If you feel an excess of Pitta energy, avoid salty, sour, pungent or hot foods. Instead, opt for light, sweet, bitter and/or astringent tastes. 

Exercise should be approached with an intent to burn off some steam, and ultimately calm the senses. Walking is favored, as is swimming and work such as gardening, which brings a person within whom the Pitta energy is dominant closer to the grounding power of the Earth. Especially if Pitta is already aggravated, it is recommended that light activities are favored during the afternoon, which is the hottest part of the day.

Yoga poses that benefit Pitta include forward bends, twists and mild backbends. Look for sequences that begin with confidence or a bit of a challenge, and then bring you low to the ground for a bit of calm and cooling. Our Sun-Moon or Lotus Link sequences would be great choices for the Pitta season.

Pitta energy is fantastic! People who exhibit a dominance in this dosha are noted for their passion, drive and ability to see a task through to its completion. The key is to remember to take appropriate breaks to nurture the mind and body, thus avoiding "burnout."




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