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Take Your Passion to the Next Level with Unity Retreats

This post is contributed by guest blogger and New-to-Namaste Instructor Emily Millen about her experiences in leading Unity Retreats. The next event is planned for September 25-28, 2014, at Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.


Stowel Lake Farm on Salt Spring Island

One of my favourite things to do is to connect with like-minded people by sharing the love of yoga, meditation and self-study in a beautiful environment. In 2012, I decided to take this passion to the next level and led my first retreat to Stowel Lake Farm on Salt Spring Island. Since then, Susan Horning, my friend and fellow yogi, and I founded Unity Retreats.

To date, we have led four magical adventures together. This fall, we’ll host our annual "Harvest the Spirit, Nourish the Soul" retreat. This event is planned for September 25-28, 2014, at Salt Spring Island, BC. We’ll stay on an organic farm, eat delicious vegetarian meals in an old, refurbished barn, sleep in quaint lodges or yurts and play in the beautiful fields and gardens.

Susan Horning with #NamasteS3 Instructor, Emily Millen

One great thing about this location is that 90% of our meals are dug up right from the soil we walk on. I am also especially proud of our itinerary. We’ve packed it full of vinyasa and hatha yoga, partner yoga and Thai massage, Kundalini dance, meditation, pranayam and Kirtan. Of course, we’ve left room for play, free time, journaling, a movie night and an evening camp fire! If you're looking to unravel from a busy summer, need some self-nourishment, or just need a weekend in nature, this is the retreat for you!

If you are unable to make it this weekend or are craving a longer, warmer vacation, don't fret! We are also leading a "Tropical Transformation" retreat on February 18-24th, 2015, in Costa Rica. We'll still indulge in all of the body work and self inquiry, but on top of that, we'll be surfing, beach bumming, waterfall swimming and sightseeing! This adventure focuses more on the five phases of energy as we work through the elements of water, wood (air), fire, earth and metal (ether). You will discover your personal element and how the other four elements nourish, command, expand and befriend you.

After getaways like these, I'm reminded that it is possible to connect with strangers on a deep level, finding commonality and community. I'm reminded that we need one another to get through the hard times, to share the silly times ­— we need fellow cheerleaders to encourage us to succeed and grow. If you join us, we guarantee you a trip of transformation, breakthroughs, crazy dancing, yoga, and healthy crying, with zero small talk or surface relationships.

You won't regret it. I never do!

Find full details at or feel free to email us with questions at


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Emily Millen is a yoga teacher in the Vancouver area, proud ambassador for Tonic Lifestyle Apparel, and writer for My Yoga Online. Along with our other New-to-Namaste instructors, Emily has recently wrapped up filming #NamasteS3. You may contact her at, on Twitter or Instagram.


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