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 New seasons of Namaste Yoga to air on ONE!

Get ready, Canada! September 27th is a date you want to remember. The third season of Namaste Yoga begins at 9:30 A.M., EST, on The Brand New ONE!

Written and narrated by Master Teacher Erica Blitz, the intention of the new seasons is to help you uncover your own ideal expression of Tadasana, or Mountain Pose. Simple yet strong, this pose lies at the foundation of all other yoga poses. Each half-hour episode helps you cultivate the space, strength, and stillness to stand in this confident pose both on and off the mat.

The sequences are demonstrated by highly skilled yoga instructors. Michelle Brunet, Cam Lee, Emily Millen, Amanda Riches and Aili Storen use their experience, strength and flexibility to guide viewers through each sequence with proper alignment and excellent technique. Experience yoga-at-home as you never have before!

We are excited to be broadcast on The Brand New ONE in Canada. Celebrated as the national channel where Body, Mind, Spirit and Love intersect to make A Better You; ONE is currently available for free preview nationwide. As long as you have a television provider in Canada, you will be able to tune in to ONE and experience Namaste Yoga from now until October 31. From simple twists to challenging arm balances, these new sequences will refresh your yoga practice or inspire you to begin one. Try them out and then let us know what you think!



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