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Namaste Yoga Season 4 Begins October 10, 2014 on ONE!

Loving the third season of Namaste Yoga? Beginning tomorrow, there's even more headed your way! The fourth season of Namaste Yoga begins at 9:30AM, EST on The Brand New ONE!  

The new sequences are accessible to all levels of experience. Written and choreographed by Master Teacher Erica Blitz, each new episode features the stunning visuals and sensual feel our community has come to know and love.

"We've sequenced the poses in such a way that an added level of difficulty presents itself in the cultivation of core stability and mind focus," Erica shares.  

We're excited to be part of the ONE family. Celebrated as the national channel where Body, Mind, Spirit and Love intersect to make A Better You; ONE is currently available for free preview nationwide. As long as you have a television provider, you will easily be able to tune in to ONE and experience Namaste Yoga from now until October 31. Are you ready for Season 4? We'd love to hear from you!  



At Namaste TV, we know that it can be difficult to navigate the world of yoga, which is why our social media platforms are monitored by experienced yoga teachers. Join our growing community of practitioners from around the world who look to us to support their yoga practice. All of our yoga DVDs and videos are also available to purchase from our website, Amazon, or iTunes.