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We all have our own Thanksgiving traditions but when it comes down to it, Thanksgiving is all about sharing with the people you love.  Sharing time, sharing food and being grateful for it all. In the middle of what can be a hectic time, we love to make a little space to come back to ourselves with a quick 10 minute practice to reflect and restore. When we're finished, we go right back to enjoying one of our favourite days of the year feeling refreshed and revitalized.  


To begin, come to lie on the floor.  Bend your knees and bring your feet flat to the floor, hips width apart.  Roll up a blanket and place underneath your sacrum so you are comfortable as possible.  Hands can rest on your belly and breathe gently, feeling the rise and fall of your stomach.  Let your head be heavy.  Relax and stay here for two minutes.  If you're mind is running with thoughts of the day, just let it, think of this as decompression time.

Now that you've reconnected with the ground (our life hack:  make sure you connect with the ground once a day), make your way into legs up the wall for a further two minutes.  This is the queen of relaxing poses and it has science behind it.  A gentle and safe inversion, it benefits your lympathic system.   If you've been on your feet all day prepping dinner, or cooped up commuting, this is the pose to recover, revitalize and even sleep better this evening. 


If you want to add some extra juice, you can turn this into a hip opener, by bending your knees and bringing your feet to touch.  If you've eaten a little too much this evening, this is the pose to help with digestion.  It will relieve any congestion in your stomach and bring a feeling of ease back.  Spend two minute here and observe if you can release a little further.

With your hips feeling open, you can ground with an earthing yoga squat.  This is another great pose for digestion.  You can keep your heels raised or place a blanket underneath if you need a little extra support.  You can drop your neck if you're feeling any tightness in your shoulders.  

We're ending this short and sweet practice with a three minute savasana, but feel free to take all the time here you want.  It's all about letting go, fully release into the ground.  For these three minutes, focus on your breath and how your body feels in relation to the ground.  You can even do a quick body scan, beginning with your head right now to your toes.  Focus on relaxing each part of your body and then come back to a sense of wholeness. 


Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving,

The Namaste Team