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Namaste Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve taken the stress out of gift planning for the holidays by putting together our first Namaste Gift List.  From the yoga newbie to the ultimate Namaste fan, we have you covered!  


The Newbie

This is for the person in your life who you think could use a little yoga in their life or someone who has seen what yoga has done for you but just needs a little help to get on their own mat!

 Manduka Yoga Mat - Namaste Tank - The Complete First Season - The Beginner's Collection


The Yoga Fashionista

Looking for a gift for that person who always looks stylish on and off the mat?  We have lots of stylish and cozy Namaste apparel to add to their ‘Where did you get that?’ collection.


Namaste Sweatshirt - Namaste Tank - Namaste Tote - Bedasana Tank - Inhale Exhale Tank 

The Meditator

 Serene and mindful, this person is always a joy to be around.  Make their holidays with some treats to help them deepen their meditation practice and show them you appreciate their lovely ways.


 Woodlot Candle - The Music of Namaste - Woodlot Mist - Palo Santo

The Senses Yogi

Do you have someone in your life that loves to light up a beautiful candle or spray a beautiful fragrance?  Indulge their senses with some of our beautiful gift ideas.


 Woodlot Candle - Woodlot Mist - Woodlot Soap - Palo Santo

The Hohmie

For the man in your life who knows yoga really is for everybody.  Treat him with a gift designed to help him move with ease, comfort and strength.  

Namate Sweatshirt - Woodlot Soap - Halfmoon Yoga Strap - Namaste DVDs/Downloads  

The Prop Yogi

 For the yogi who aspires to go deeper in their practice, yoga props are a great way to assist home practice & make even difficult poses accessible.  We have a great selection to prop up the yogi in your life!


Manduka Yoga Mat - Halfmoon Yoga Block - Halfmoon Yoga Strap 

The Ultimate Namaste Fan

The yogi in your life who loves his or her Namaste time, always make time to get their Namaste Yoga practice in, even have their favourite instructors! Make them ho(m), ho(m), ho(m) this holiday season with these great gift ideas!

Namaste Yoga:  Season 1 to 3 - Namaste Tank - Namaste Sweatshirt - Namaste Tote


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