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Zen Bending: Yoga for Gardeners

The season of planting is upon us! Regardless of if you are starting seeds indoors while waiting for the last dangers of frost to pass, or already deep into tilling and sowing, growth energy is surging. The benefits to gardening are numerous, but a careful approach is still needed to ensure working bodies stay strong, supple and able to tend the Earth through its most inspiring season. The work of gardening involves bends, squats, lifts and pulls. Just as you are mindful when in yoga practice, this is a time to pay attention to your body position. Go slowly, lifting and bending with care and using safe techniques. Remember to protect your outer body from the elements too. Your skin...

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Waves of Energy Bring Shivas to Life

The last combination for our #namasteNewViews journey is just right for anyone who needs to shake up their practice! Both among the most challenging of the Namaste Yoga series, Water Light and Dancing Shiva is a study of both vertical and horizontal. A test of core and balance, strength and serenity, breath and focus. If you are ready, this is a truly profound experience! As we have had so much time to explore the practice from a solitary perspective, what if this time we bring a friend along? When we introduce friends to yoga, the idea often is to bring them to it gradually... start small. This seems logical, so as not to overwhelm a newbie with complicated poses and...

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Flights of Fancy: Firebird on Earth

If you have ever thought about trying water yoga or aerial yoga, but have not yet made it to a class, there is an interesting option that might already be in a back yard near you. A Trampoline! Think about it: similar buoyancy to water, that airy, open, suspended feeling... what do you have to lose? Your yoga mat, perhaps, as the trampoline surface is rather similar in texture and traction. You might gain some added levity to your practice and your being, as it is quite difficult to be intense when you are on such a pliable, reciprocal surface. Begin with the Earth sequence to get acquainted with your slight departure from gravity; then move into Firebird to give...

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Namaste Yoga Guide to Crane Balance

Last month, our contest was all about challenge postures; and we had a great response from people posting about the postures they are striving towards. We chose to focus on Crane Balance as it seemed to be a very popular challenge pose. In this post, we talk about challenge poses in general, and then provide Kate’s stepping stone approach to the Crane Balance.   The Role of Challenges in Yoga No matter what your goal, putting it in the best mental context possible is key! The following words from Kate may be the most critical aspect to achieving any goal, in your practice and your life: “One must remember why we practice yoga. The goal, in fact, is to be...

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