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Inspirational Quotes from Namaste: Sun Moon

Sun Moon "To trust in ourselves, to know we can change for the better.""Remembering our perfection, just as we are, and still room for improvement." ~ Kate Potter This second sequence of Season One seeks not only to instill confidence, but also to guide a journey of seeking out weaknesses, in an effort to improve the whole self. When we face our deficits with forgiveness, strengthening them becomes an act of love. In this moment, you are exactly what the world needs you to be. This is your time to ready yourself for the next moment. What will this practice reveal to you? Use our Companion Guide to study the phrase of poses. Explore our Journey into Sun Moon for an...

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Pitta Season: a Preview

The sun is just beginning to shine with greater radiance and steadiness. The rain and mud of spring will soon dry into a more summer-like state. The Kapha season is winding down, and the season of Pitta will soon be upon us. Driven by the sun, Pitta energy is noted to be sharp, bright, hot and penetrating. Ayurveda considers this to be a time of dehydration, as intense heat evaporates moisture from all things. With these environmental conditions, it is understandable that this is the season when tempers are more likely to flare! Our patience is challenged, and intensity is heightened. If you feel an excess of Pitta energy, avoid salty, sour, pungent or hot foods. Instead, opt for light,...

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Zen Bending: Yoga for Gardeners

The season of planting is upon us! Regardless of if you are starting seeds indoors while waiting for the last dangers of frost to pass, or already deep into tilling and sowing, growth energy is surging. The benefits to gardening are numerous, but a careful approach is still needed to ensure working bodies stay strong, supple and able to tend the Earth through its most inspiring season. The work of gardening involves bends, squats, lifts and pulls. Just as you are mindful when in yoga practice, this is a time to pay attention to your body position. Go slowly, lifting and bending with care and using safe techniques. Remember to protect your outer body from the elements too. Your skin...

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Afternoon Delight: Mid-Day Asana Might be for You

Imagine: your morning did not get off to the best start. You overslept and didn't have time for your usual yoga practice. Now, you are almost halfway through your day, and still craving your blissful, daily experience on the mat. Have you missed your opportunity for the day? Not necessarily. While the next, most frequently advised time to practice yoga would be early evening, there is nothing wrong with a mid-day practice! It is common to crave an afternoon snack or nap to keep energy flowing through the rest of the day. However, the right yoga practice could be more beneficial to calming the body and mind, regaining focus or creating a fresh surge of energy for delving into your...

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Head to a Sunny Place to Play

Reclaiming a sense of your youth may be as simple as taking your Namaste Yoga practice to a place where that energy exists in its purest form: a playground. Think of the daring youngsters exhibit when first attempting to climb monkey bars, hang upside down or experience a slide? The younger set experiences all that we do in practice, but often with less emotion or judgment tied to the results of their efforts. They play, and learn unwittingly through their process; whereas adults often expect the process to teach them, and get so bent on learning we forget to simply play! Combining sequences such as Sun Moon and Head to Knee allows you to really concentrate on the tight muscles...

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