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Zen Bending: Yoga for Gardeners

The season of planting is upon us! Regardless of if you are starting seeds indoors while waiting for the last dangers of frost to pass, or already deep into tilling and sowing, growth energy is surging. The benefits to gardening are numerous, but a careful approach is still needed to ensure working bodies stay strong, supple and able to tend the Earth through its most inspiring season. The work of gardening involves bends, squats, lifts and pulls. Just as you are mindful when in yoga practice, this is a time to pay attention to your body position. Go slowly, lifting and bending with care and using safe techniques. Remember to protect your outer body from the elements too. Your skin...

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Dancing Gracefully Through Time and Space

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, as if you are standing in a boat in the middle of the ocean and it's suddenly leaking in 30 places and you have nothing more than one cork and two hands? Which hole do you patch first, and is it going to be enough to save the boat? Maybe you just need to swim away. Not forever. We're not talking about quitting or giving up. More like... going for reinforcements. You need a quiet space so you can catch your breath, think clearly, piece together a plan and gather some supplies to return with focus and strength! How do you do that when it seems as though the world...

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