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Flourless Chocolate & Blood Orange Cake

We're celebrating love all this month and what better way than with a chocolate cake bursting with the sweet and bitter flavour of in season blood oranges.   These ruby coloured jewels pair perfectly with chocolate in a cake with just 6 ingredients and just for good measure, gluten free.  To infuse the orange flavour, the oranges are boiled until plump and ready to burst with goodness and then puréed in your food processor. It might sound a little strange but the proof is really in the tasting.  Chocolate cake is made for sharing, cutting slightly too large slices off and enjoying whole-heartedly, just like love.  Enjoy!   2 small blood oranges 200g ground almonds 250g caster sugar 50g cocoa 1...

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Chocolate & Coconut Truffles

Food is a wonderful thing.  At it’s best, it is fuel, nourishment and joy.  We all have stories around food however that are not so wonderful.  This time of year, those stories of diet, restriction and even punishment can come up for many of us.  At Namaste, we want to encourage a healthy positive relationship with food, our bodies and sense of self.  So we are eschewing the typical January cleanse article and instead putting up a chocolate treat for you.  It is simple, unprocessed, good for you and most importantly delicious.  Take the time to enjoy the moments of preparing, making and eating what nourishes you body and soul. Let your intent be on receiving all the goodness of...

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Namaste Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve taken the stress out of gift planning for the holidays by putting together our first Namaste Gift List.  From the yoga newbie to the ultimate Namaste fan, we have you covered!     The Newbie This is for the person in your life who you think could use a little yoga in their life or someone who has seen what yoga has done for you but just needs a little help to get on their own mat!  Manduka Yoga Mat - Namaste Tank - The Complete First Season - The Beginner's Collection   The Yoga Fashionista Looking for a gift for that person who always looks stylish on and off the mat?  We have lots of stylish and cozy...

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Strengthen Your Connection With Namaste Partner Yoga Poses

You already love yoga, it's the practice that calms and centres you, and coming to your mat is one of your favourite things to do.  Partner yoga allows you share that love, every time we open up and share we deepen our bond with the person we are sharing with.  Partner yoga allows you develop your communication skills and work together on a physical and mental level to nurture your connection.  We've set out 10 great poses for you to play with, some very basic and calming and a couple of fun ones, because no-one says it has to be perfect!  Falling and stumbling together is all part of the experience.  Child's Pose Child's pose it always a great place to begin....

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December Community Challenge

  All this month we are celebrating community.  Our Namaste Community is at the heart of what we do, the content we produce and the way we run Namaste.  Our values of inclusivity, positivity and healthy living and a love for yoga are what we love to share with you!  What other communities do you value in your life.  Who are the people that you hold close, lift up up, help you reach your goals and that you trust with your vulnerabilities?  Communities come in so many forms, it can be family members, school friends, moms you meet at daycare, colleagues, your yoga community.  We have our close circles and those wider circles that help build our connection to each...

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