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Hatha, Vinyasa? What does it all mean?!

Namaste Yoga has always identified itself with Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, but a quick google search of either of those terms will reveal...about a gazillion different definitions and translations. So today, we thought we’d dig in and explore the meaning of the terms Hatha and Vinyasa, and their connection to Namaste Yoga. Hatha It seems like every yoga term has multiple meanings and Hatha is no exception. The word Hatha has been translated in different ways: it can mean “force” or “willfullness” or a joining of the two words “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), which reflects the concept of yoga as a practice that brings harmony and balance to the different parts of our being.Okay, so that’s the translation, but what...

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10 Reasons to Participate in a Yoga Challenge

If you need a boost of motivation to get started on (or come back to) the path of yoga, here are 10 reasons why a yoga challenge may be the perfect solution.

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The Yoga Holiday Gift Guide by Namaste TV

These days there’s more yoga gear than ever before, but whether you’re new to yoga, or just overwhelmed by the options, it doesn’t make it any easier to pick a gift. To give you a hand, we’ve rounded up some great gift ideas for the yogi on your shopping list. 1.       For the On-the-Go Yogi - B Mat Traveller What do you give the yogi who already has all the basics? You get them a travel mat of course!  Our favorite is Byoga’s B MAT traveller – with a thinner, lightweight construction this mat is perfect for commutes, vacations and business trips, and also makes a great second mat to keep at the gym or office.  Easy to store and...

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4 Poses for Post-Thanksgiving Digestion

Gratitude, family and good food – we all love Thanksgiving. What we don’t love though, is the after-meal indigestion! While we don’t recommend that you do yoga right after eating, if you’re still feeling your dinner three hours later, try these 4 poses to aid your digestion.   Child's Pose  Whether your digestive problems are creating stress or caused by stress, Child’s Pose is a great relaxer. As your central nervous system relaxes it releases hormones that aid digestion. Resting your stomach on your thighs also helps massage and stimulate the digestive organs. Knees-to-Chest PoseApanasana is sometimes called “wind-relieving pose” and it’s easy to see why.  The pose compresses the colon, stimulating the nerves to relieve gas, acidity, bloating, and...

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5 Travel Essentials for the Yoga Enthusiast

Yoga is for life, and life doesn’t stop when you go on vacation.  In fact, yoga can be very helpful when travelling. It can wake you up, help you sleep or just de-stress you after all the rigors of a day on the trail.  With this in mind, we’ve uploaded a new series of videos: Yoga for Travellers. In her second video, yoga instructor Kate Potter lists some of her packing tips.  Today we’re following up with a few more suggestions on what to bring and where to get great travel gear. 1. Travel Mat The most essential gear of any wandering yogi is a good travel mat.  Your travel mat should be light enough to carry with ease while...

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