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Viewer Journey: Heather Gregory shares her story

This post is part of our Viewer Journeys series, in which we introduce you to a yogi or yogini from our community whose story has inspired us. We feel that sharing their stories will enrich your own journey. Do you have a story to share with the community? To be featured, send your story to When did you first find Namaste Yoga? One Saturday morning, I was recovering from appendicitis. The kids were flipping through the channels and found Namaste Yoga. They thought it looked fun, so they started trying to do it and were giggling and having a great time. I watched it and realized it was something I really wanted to try as soon as I had the...

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Kate Potter's Namaste Retreats

The benefit of going on a retreat is that all the pieces of Yoga are integrated. One really feels the "community of spirit" when we live and practice together. There is nothing left out, and one finally feels the depth of what Yoga has to offer. On retreat, all levels of practice, and all manner of experiences are given space. It just does not compare to any other way of learning. This fall is full of terrific news and projects! With the soon completion of a brand new DVD, a move from my boat into a new house, and a fall teaching tour on top of it all, I have had no time at all to mourn the loss of summer. I...

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Swinging with breath in Half Moon

Can you feel the expansive swing of the Half Moon sequence as you move through the postures? There is an incredibly satisfying moment in yoga when the yogi truly connects with the sequence. The motions do not feel foreign - they make sense and the direction to move feels as though it is coming from within as much as it is being directed by an external source. When creating the posture flow sequences for Namaste Yoga, Kate Potter soon found her flow in much the same way. "Ah the Half Moon, I just love this sequence!" Kate continues, "The way it turned out on film, Tim's music, the editing, even the way I voiced it all seemed just about right....

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