About Us

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We make fitness videos for people who don’t like fitness videos.  We call it the art of the exercise video.

Everything that we do is to inspire you to move and teach you how. From our Gastown offices in Vancouver, BC, we produce the highest quality of online instructional fitness programs and tell inspiring stories about the transformative power of movement.

We began as a linear broadcast television series over 10 years ago. That series, Namaste Yoga, is still airing on television around the world, and has birthed a community of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. In 2018, we launched namastemove as an evolution from this legacy, lead by the mother-daughter power duo of Executive Producer Gabriela Schonbach and Managing Director Amanda Riches, along with an ever-growing team of passionate, creative, and authentic individuals.

We live what we sell. We value making time and space for movement: four minutes of stretching while the coffee brews, holding meetings in plank position, transforming our office space into a place where people feel free to move. We want to give people permission to move more in their everyday lives. That may mean finally having the confidence to walk into a studio-based group fitness class, learning how to carve out 30-minute chunks for themselves to practice with one of our videos, or learning a new movement vocabulary so that they can sprinkle movement breaks throughout their busy days. Our movement philosophy goes beyond the aesthetic. We believe that when we move our bodies, we are moving our lives forward in every way.

We inspire you to move and teach you how. We see movement as a lifelong practice that keeps us all inspired, playful, curious, and deeply connected to what we love most in life. This isn’t about weight loss or six-pack abs. This is about creativity, self-expression, and lifelong health. Wherever your body is in this moment is where you should begin. Just start moving. If you’re not sure how, we’ll teach you.

 Feel free to move