About Kate Potter

Kate Potter has passionately devoted herself to yoga most of her life, starting at the tender age of ten. Today, her unwavering commitment and focus have earned her a reputation as an innovative Hatha yoga teacher. Kate never fails to inspire her students and followers, a population that is continually growing.

Kate has been a full time yoga instructor for 18 years. Her unique and intuitive style of practice is greatly informed by her study of Buddhism with current teacher and main influence, Norman Fischer. A Zen priest, Fischer is also the founder of the Everyday Zen Foundation.

Her comprehensive training also includes studies in India with renowned Vedantic scholar Swami Chinmayananda, and the faculty of Yogic Studies at the University of Mysore. Kate has completed Advanced Studies with prominent American teachers Rodney Yee, Richard Miller, Georg Feuerstein, Kali Ray, and Mukunda Stiles. She is a certified yoga teacher and therapist, teaching not only in studios and fitness clubs, but also in schools, hospitals and any other place she can fit her yoga mat!

Kate resides on a remote island near Vancouver, where in addition to her regular schedule of classes and workshops, she also conducts private sessions. She is devoted to living her life in practice, thus setting an active and ever-evolving example for all of her students on how to balance personal and professional priorities. Kate consistently reserves time in her days to read, think, study, and be on the mat to experience her personal journey in yoga. She considers planting, growing and cooking food sacred chores, and actively pursues these enriching duties.

Kate’s motto is that yoga is for life. She believes the practice is for everyone, regardless of age, status, physical or mental condition. She conducts retreats around the world and also teaches yoga therapy and yoga massage. Through movement, breath and an uncanny ability to motivate and inspire confidence in her students, Kate has become a well-reputed and much sought-after instructor. Her abilities are clearly transmitted through her work in designing and narrating all of the sequences contained in the Namaste Yoga DVDs, which have extended her reach and brought her international acclaim and clientele.


“Namaste Yoga is one thing. But to have Kate in real life is a whole different world,” ~ Arlene

“Kate has a way about her that makes me trust in myself,” ~ Susan

“Everyday I do Namaste Yoga, I thank God for Kate. I feel she is talking just to me, and saying just what I need to hear,” Sherry

“Every class is like a journey to a land called peace, a world called love. She is the gift of yoga,” ~ David

For more information on Kate Potter visit www.katepotteryoga.ca