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Lily Goncalves, M.Ed

Lily’s passion for yoga has brought her to seek out the heart of yoga and its ancient wisdom, to embody a holistic approach to yoga that is about truly living our essence. Combining what she has learned from her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and Energy Healing Training, her sacred pilgrimages & intensive meditation practice, and her love for the mystic poets, dance, art, and music, Lily interweaves these expressions of yoga as awareness, creativity, and compassion throughout her yoga classes and workshops, as well as through her yoga teacher training. Lily has also been inspired to work deeply with the sacred meditation practice of yoga nidra (Psychic Sleep) and has produced her own Yoga Nidra CD’s as tools for meditation practice. Opening her own Yoga Retreat Center on the tropical paradise island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, Lily invites you to join her at Blooming Lotus Yoga to breath, relax and surrender.

Favorite Pose: Forward Fold. Lily extends her hips into the earth and lifts her seat bones up toward the sky for hamstring and lower back flexibility in Forward Fold (Sanskrit: Uttanasana).

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Erin Borgfjord

Erin is a Certified Hatha yoga teacher with a Bachelor of Environmental Geography and fifteen years of experience in the performing arts. She recently completed her Master of Business Administration at Queen's University and began a new role in marketing and product development at a wireless company. She keeps her life in balance by beginning each day with a Yoga session and reserving time for quiet meditation. Erin is happy to have the chance to share her personal Yoga practice with others through Namaste Yoga.

Favorite Pose: Sage. Sage pose (Sanskrit: Marichyasana) gives Erin flexibility in her shoulders and hips, and opens the second chakra. Marichi means ‘ray of light’. That’s Erin! .

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Evangeline Duy

In addition to being a yoga instructor, Evangeline is also a certified Pilates instructor and massage therapist. As a dedicated mom, she has spent the last two years designing a series of classes which include a unique blend of yoga, pilates and massage specifically to enhance vitality for the pre- and postnatal woman and her baby. You can find out more about her classes at neomama.com

Favorite Pose: Triangle. In Hindu Art, the triangle is a potent symbol for divine principal. Evangeline uses Triangle (Sanskrit: Trikonasana) to strengthen her core, and open her hips.

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Michelle Trantina

Michelle Trantina has been teaching hatha and pre-natal yoga since 2001. She is co-founder of MyYogaOnline.com, and produces/creates most of its video content and platforms. Her love of film and all things entrepreneurial merged with her passion for yoga and wellness with the inception of My Yoga in 2005.

Favorite Pose: Downward Facing Dog. Down Dog (Sanskrit: Adho Mukha Svanasana) teaches all is connected. In Down Dog, Michelle creates space between her joints, thoughts and breath.

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Marion Landry

Originally from Montreal, Marion moved to Vancouver in 1999. She was drawn west by the lifestyle, the easy connection to the ocean and the mountains. It wasn’t long after her arrival in Vancouver that Marion discovered yoga. Yoga has now become a daily practice and Marion credits yoga with helping her deal with stress and boosting her creativity. Marion is a gifted painter, an actor and she also works as a 3D visual artist for a prominent Vancouver architecture firm.

Favorite Pose: Swan. Gracefully gazing up to the sky, Marion uses Swan pose to open her hips, and stretch her gluteus maximus.

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Koralee Nickarz

In addition to being a yoga instructor, Koralee is also an accomplished actor, singer, songwriter and acting coach.

Favorite Pose: Crane. Crane (Sanskrit: Bakasana) pose combines core and upper body strength with balance and agility. In the pose, Koralee looks like ‘a crane wading in water’.

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Amanda Riches

Amanda was first introduced to Namaste Yoga in 2007, when she was hired to answer fanmail for the show. After reading hundreds of letters raving about the show, she finally decided to give it a try. It was love at first sight! Four years later, Amanda knows all 27 sequences by heart, is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, and had the opportunity to be one of the instructors in the latest DVD Namaste: The Five Elements. She is currently studying law at the University of British Columbia and maintains a daily yoga practice to stay balanced during hectic times. To help dispel the myth that you have to be flexible to do yoga, she loves to remind people that she could not even touch her toes when she first started!

Favourite Pose: Warrior I (Sanskrit: Vribhadrasana I). In this powerful posture, Amanda feels like she can conquer any challenge that comes her way.

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