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Wide-Legged Forward Fold Pose

Beginner: Concentrate on turning your toes in slightly. Begin to use the entire surface of your foot to ground and balance your body; this is challenging as we seldom try to control different parts of our feet. Give it a try in this strengthening pose. Hand placement should be even with your shoulders but do not worry if your hands do not touch the ground with straight legs. Bend your knees deeply for now and be patient with the tight muscles at the back of the thigh.

Advanced: Balance is not a problem as you sink into forward fold. Focus on improving the flow of oppositional energy in this pose. Lift from your tail bone so the spine can release down. Use the grounding force of your legs to push your tail higher, as you sink your head lower. Ground down with your palms and, if you are comfortable, you can bend your elbows deeply.