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Namaste Yoga Haiku
Yoga vinyasas
Led by velvet-voiced teacher
Perfomed by angels

~ Toby


"Namaste Yoga is an incredible yoga program. I've looked into many, many other DVDs and TV shows, only to find the music too fast and the voice over annoying. Kate Potter's voice is incredibly calming, and the program is great for either beginners or experienced yogi's. After poking fun at it, I actually caught my very masculine husband practicing the yoga when he thought he was alone! I would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking an at-home yoga program."
~ Christa


"Love it, love it, love it...can't stress enough. Results are quick, love that I can just do a quick 25 minute session each day, love that I can mix up the sessions each day. I recommend to everyone I see when they ask what I have been doing to look so fit. Kates voice-over is fantastic, and I also love that it builds, and returns to centre each time."
~ Terrie


"I've tried a lot of yoga DVDs and find that the Namaste Yoga series has something the others don't. I love the flow of the practice. The music and scenes are inspiring. I own both seasons and have waited a long time for a new DVD. Looking forward to following Kate and her girls in the new DVD."
~ Marnie


"I totally love Namaste Yoga, the rhythm, the pace, the music, the voice, the scenery everything is fantastic, the exercises are challenging enough for each stage but easy to follow and the progression is really well planned. All in all, the best I've known so far. You can really feel the benefits, big thank you!!! :)"


"In my opinion, this is the quintessential yoga program...calming, energizing, focused...I love the narrator's voice and the way the moves are called out by name, but not overexplained - perfect as it is"
~ Karen


"I am in high school and have been doing yoga since I was very little with family but I have yet to come across anything that makes me feel better than Namaste Yoga. As a high school student I am constantly under stress, but now that I have been following this show I have felt so much better and my physical appearence has changed rapidly. This show is the best :)"


"Namaste Yoga--Love, love, love Namaste Yoga! I rush home from work everyday to catch the show. It's a great transition from the office world to my home world. Most yoga classes and tapes are structured so there is time and chatter between poses. Drives me nuts, but Namaste Yoga flows so beautifully. I can start the session and focus on the practice through out, except of course the commercials. I plan to buy the DVD's and do away with the commercials. Wonderful program!"
~ Melissa


"Love this show - I went on it to gain flexibility and help my back problems and ended up losing 15 lbs as well. Beautifully done with the most earthy settings, gorgeous colors, and soothing music, the show makes you want to become a yoga guru. Namaste Yoga inspired me to find my love of exercise in a gentle yet challenging way."
~ Diana


"There are quite a few yoga videos out there, and this is by far the best. It's great for daily use as a bridge between studio practices."
~ Mis ter Nowakowski


"Not knowing much about the yoga poses, my husband and I decided to try several different avenues. We absolutely loved Namaste Yoga and are hooked. My 6 year old daughter even does some of the poses with us (she is much better than we are with all that raw flexibility). I can't do all of the poses, but I am building up. Its awesome that Namaste Yoga teaches all levels, absolutely LOVE this show. Thank you so much!!!!"
~ Candi


"Years of college and mens club rugby, back issues, and driving 30k+ miles a year began to take a toll on my body. Running, lifting weights, and using aerobic machines at the gym just seemed to make me feel tighter and tighter in my own skin. Somebody recommended yoga and I found Namaste Yoga. From the first episode I immediately knew this was exactly what I needed, Namaste Yoga has given me freedom from the tightness and knots I created myself for 15years."
~ Walter Martin


"I've been using Namaste Yoga presented on FitTV for the past year and a half. I began very slowly...just watching for awhile (lying down)...then doing one thing gently ...and after 2 1/2 months I managed 15 minutes.

Eventually I was getting up early and going through all the programs all the way through. I lost nearly 70 lbs in the process but MOST importantly restored my health. After each session I pray, for forgiveness, to lay claim to my health, and for the world. I feel the shift. I am grateful to your program beyond words. The benefits stay with me all day, every day. Others notice and want to know what's happened. It's me!...because of you.

So for all of you who bring this effort to life...who do it, film it, manage it , imagine it , promote it and for you who read this. Hope you're knowing how wonderful you are...what a gift you've given just to this one being...who's life is better because you're doing such a noteworthy job. Glad you're there."
~ Marian

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