Video Test Title

Movement Leader

Sandra Gin


Sandra is a passionate teacher of literature at a high school in Vancouver, British Columbia. She also teaches vinyasa and hatha yoga throughout the city, with a focus on arm balances and creative sequencing.


Malasana (yoga squat) at the back of your mat
Frog hops forward x3
On the lasthop, either handstand or step back through vinyasa
Downward dog to scorpion to wildthing (do each side)
Bear-crab roll, pushing hips back through arms on each crab
Lower to seated dandasana (pike sit)
Shoulder roll


Chair - hover left foot
Warrior 3
Standing split
With hands on the ground or block, pistol squat x3
Seated sukhasana (cross-legged seat)
Corkscrew to standing
Forward fold with legs crossed
Vinyasa flow
Child's pose


Downward dog
Three-legged dog to Warrior 2 (lunge)
Transition to skandasana (back of mat)
Monkey side to side along the mat
Transition back to Warrior 2 - exalted triangle
Vinyasa flow to downward dog
Jump-through to sukhasana
Corkscrew up and down


Rest and meditate


Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana (standing big toe balance)
Thread back to vinyasa
Downward dog
Three-legged dog - Warrior 2
Side angle warrior - cartwheel


Downward dog
Bear-crab rolls
Frog to top of the mat
Malasana to standing
Padottanasana (wide-legged forward fold)
Press or puppy press to handstand or come to seat
Transition to seated sukhasana
Corkscrew up and down
Shoulder roll landing with one leg out to the side
Gate pose stretch


Rest and Meditate