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Namaste: The Five Elements in Yoga

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Introduction to Ayurvedic Yoga

What is Yoga? (6 minutes)
Master Yoga Teacher Kate Potter explains the meaning of the word yoga, the purpose and effects of yoga as practice, and the role of breath, postures, and bandhas (muscular contractions).  
Ayurvedic Yoga (11:30 minutes)
Kate explores the meaning of Ayurveda, the traditional holistic medicine of India, as it relates to yoga, and defines the different doshas (elements) that exist within us and how they can inform our practice.  
Pitta Sequence (13:30 minutes)
In the Pitta Sequence the breath and movement encourage earth and water elements to balance the fiery nature of a Pitta.
Kapha Sequence (13:30 minutes)
The Kapha Sequence invigorates by moving energy up and out, with elements of fire and air.
Vata Sequence(13:30 minutes)
In the Vata Sequence the movement is low to the ground like water, flowing and graceful, bringing the energy down to the earth and towards the center.

Fire Fan Sequence (35 minutes)

Fire Fan is a challenging sequence that works to encourage life force and heat, burn off any residue of negative thoughts and help us become vibrant, awake and strong in our presence.

Bonus Features

Five Element Breathing Practices
Five breathing practices that correspond to the five elements of Ayurvedic yoga.
Yoga Tips for Fire Fan Sequence
Six short tutorials that focus on key poses of the Fire Fan sequence.


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Season Features

  • Special extended 35-minute sequence
  • Three, 13-minute sequences designed for each dosha
  • Introduction Ayurvedic yoga and the three doshas
  • Breathing exercises and pose tutorials

Benefits of Ayurvedic Yoga

  • Improve your yogic breathing technique.
  • Learn how to use yoga to transform your physical and mental energy.
  • Use the doshas (elements) to learn more about yourself and how to create a yoga practice that is right for you.

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