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Part One (6 Episodes)

Sunbird sequence wakes up the spine, and energizes the limbs. With cat roll, sunbird and dog poses, this energy freeing series allows you to move completely through the spine and practice asymmetrical balances.
2Heart Opening
Heart Opening sequence stimulates the flow of energy from the core to the limbs by moving through classic standing posture in a gentle manner. This series explores balance while also strengthening and improving flexibility of the hips, legs and spine.
Triangle sequence is not easy to do perfectly, but it will give great benefit to those who give it an honest effort. The emphasis is on lengthening the spine, as the hamstrings are stretched, and strengthening the knees while the hips are loosened.
The Warrior series encourages confidence, relieves sluggishness and brings mindful awareness of balance.
5Sun Wind
Sun Wind sequence is both challenging and encouraging. With leg extensions and chest lifts to generate heat in the body, moving with grace through this flow will encourage flexibility while strengthening the legs, shoulders and abdominal muscles.
6Seated Twist
With a slower pace that is excellent for deep, full breathing, Seated Twist sequence is a workout for the mind and lungs. This rejuvenating and restorative floor series features hip openers and spinal rolling.

Part Two (7 Episodes)

7Extended Leg Balancing
Mixing easy standing poses with difficult balances, the Extended Leg Balance sequence challenges the practitioner to maintain integrity of breath from start to finish.
The postures in Swan Sequence flow together with elegance and include all the spinal curves of Cat and Swan rolling, to the deep hip flexor stretches of Pigeon and One Legged Down Dog.
9Third Eye
Third Eye sequence is a challenging series that features postures that stay close to the floor with plenty of hip openers and leg stretches.
10Heart Mind
Heart Mind Sequence will test shoulder and leg flexibility while improving core strength. This series includes both Sunbird Bow and One Legged Down Dog.
11Lord of the Fishes
Lord of the Fishes sequence begins standing and quickly moves to the floor to deeply stretch the spine, shoulders and hips. By exploring standing, seated and prone postures, this sequence allows the practitioner to be invigorated by continual change.
Using balances, twists and side bends, Dove sequence aims to tone the waistline while increasing flexibility in the back and hips. A challenging flow that draws the practitioner to pay close attention to the body's alignment and placement in each pose.
13Dancing Shiva
Dancing Shiva is one of the most challenging of all the Namaste Yoga sequences. A rigorous workout for the whole body, this flow will test strength, balance and good humour.
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Season Features

  • Thirteen, 20-minute sequences
  • Appropriate for beginner to advanced practitioners
  • Learn Plough Pose, Dancer’s Pose, and Pigeon Pose
  • Hatha Vinyasa style yoga

Benefits of Yoga

  • Gain flexibility and strength, perfect your posture
  • Relieve stress and improve mental clarity, be more productive
  • Improve your self-awareness and reduce negative thinking
  • Lose weight and tone muscle

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