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The Third Season (Parts 2)

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Part Two (7 Episodes)

7Balance and Bend
Stand tall and find your truest state of focus and center with this balancing flow. Use the breath to align your posture and learn to experience your practice, rather than thinking it through. Let go of your mind and connect with the asanas, or physical yoga poses.
8Bhakti Flow
Bhakti Flow calls for an expansion of your entire being through the practice of bhakti, devotion. A practice of balance and strength that will call attention to the places in the body where tension hides, Learn to be spacious with your breath, encourage a deeper connection with your center, and move forward with purest intent.
9Open and Ground
A dynamic sequence for your upper body, Open and Ground will work your torso with a series of heart opening poses. By keeping a steady connection to the earth and lifting and opening the chest, the experience of feeling grounded while moving energy up and outward can be more fully explored.
10Stabilize and Center
Stabilize and Center allows for the creation of a deeper connection with your core, as well as the present moment. Through the practice of conscious breathing, movement and attention to the postures, a state of centered awareness can be cultivated.
11Prana Flow
This vinyasa flow pulses between moments of stillness and dynamic movement with every breath. Prana Flow calls for a constant presence of mind and steadiness of breath. Through this moving meditation, you will explore how the stability and consistency of breath offers you freedom of spirit.
12Grace and Gratitude
A joyous and elegant sequence, Grace and Gratitude opens your front body with a series of dynamic backbends. Shine the light of your heart by learning to be spacious with your breath. This practice encourages action stirred from intentions of love, forgiveness, and gratitude.
13Reconnect and Refine
Connect with the essence of your being with Reconnect and Refine. This exhilarating sequence encourages you to find comfort in the present moment, and let go of preconceived expectations or agendas. It is not about where you are going, but where you are.

Season Features

  • Thirteen, 20-minute sequences
  • Appropriate for beginner to advanced practitioners
  • Power/Flow Vinyasa style yoga
  • Learn Sun Salutation A, Revolved Hand-to-Foot Pose, and Boat Pose

Benefits of Yoga

  • Gain flexibility and strength, perfect your posture
  • Relieve stress and improve mental clarity, be more productive
  • Improve your self-awareness and reduce negative thinking
  • Lose weight and tone muscle
  • Namaste TV
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